Types of Slot Machines

Previously we have talked about the tricks to win in the slots, and what we are going to explain today are the different kinds of slots games that you can find in the casinos. Especially on online casino websites.

There are many different slots and also a lot of different casinos, so we always recommend to look for references of the different casinos before betting for money. It is easy to find online casino reviews, like this one with opinions about Botemania, and also comments in forums and communities related to gambling.

We all know the slot machines in bars and casinos; they are all very similar to each other since the only thing that usually changes is the theme of the machines or whether or not they have a shared jackpot (this only applies to casinos).

However, with online slots there are more variants and types of games: the classic three / five reels slots, bonus phase slots, progressive jackpot slots, video slots, i-slots… All this without counting the many different themes they have, which can range from video games, to famous characters.

Classic slot machines (3 reels)

The physical three-reel slots are known as “classic slots” because they were the first to be created (1899). At that time they had physical reels and were activated by a crank.

They are the simplest: each reel contains a certain amount of symbols, and when three equal symbols are aligned, you get a jackpot.

They were so important for the gambling industry and the casino that they were the main reason for the expansion of Las Vegas into what it is today.

This type of slot is a very fast game that some players like more than others. The variation (or variance) in the slots is very high, and that means you can win big or lose everything very quickly.

The handicap of these games initially was that having only 3 reels greatly reduced the amount of possible combinations.

Let’s say for example 3 reels with 10 symbols each: that leaves us with only 1,000 possible combinations that make it impossible to have a jackpot in the machine, since the most difficult event would be at least 1 in every 1,000 spins.

This is why it was necessary to add more paylines in addition to the central horizontal payline, giving rise to a new type of slot machine, which we explain in the section “Slot machines with multiple paylines”.

VideoTraggers (5 rollers or more)

Unlike traditional physical slots, video slots (invented in 1970) no longer need mechanical rollers or levers: they are digital and activated by pressing a button.

This type of slot was the precursor of online slots, as they are the typical slots of physical casinos that have video screens instead of reels.

Thus, 5-reel (or more) slots are an evolution of the classic ones and are usually the most common ones in online casinos.

This type of slot is becoming increasingly popular and the maximum number of coins varies between one or more per prize line. The graphic representation can be of five complete reels, although the most common is that they use a video screen.

The best thing about these slots is that having more paylines, the odds of winning are higher than with three reels and your bets will last longer. The jackpots also tend to be higher.

Multi Payline Slots

While traditional slots only have one payline (the horizontal one in the middle), multiple slots support multiple payline combinations.

Three-reel slot machines usually offer several paylines (between 1 and 9). The maximum bet is usually 3 coins in single-line machines, while in machines with multiple paylines the maximum bet is usually equal to the number of lines.

5 reel type online slots with several pay-lines

5 roller slot machines and payment lines available.

On the other hand, 5 reel slots usually allow you to make up to 20 or 25 multiple combinations, but some allow up to 200 lines!

The more pay-lines you select, the higher your bet and the more chances you have to win on each spin; also the faster you can melt down your budget, of course, since it’s all about multiple bets and with just one spin it’s as if you were making many more each time.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots, also called progressive jackpot slots, are one of the most exciting casino games. The only problem is that in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot (or accumulated jackpot) you usually have to play with a maximum bet, so you have to take into account that the investment needed to play this type of slots will have to be higher than for a normal slot machine.

How do progressive slots work? When you make a maximum bet on this type of online slot machine, part of your bet goes into the progressive jackpot, which is made up of all the players who are playing the game at that time.

Most casino websites have markers with the total progressive jackpot they have accumulated with all their progressive slots. Ot herwise, they are the same as the rest of slots, have different themes and can have 3 or 5 reels.

This type of slots is also available in casinos, as they have the possibility to network them, and even connect them with those of others casinos.

You have to take into account that the amounts that progressive slots can reach can be thousands of $s, but the probabilities of winning are very low (like playing the lottery).

Slot Machines with Mini Games (i-Tragaperras)

This type of online slots are (in our opinion) one of the most fun. They are also known as bonus phase slots.

In addition to the usual game of slots with reels, certain games activate bonus phases where a mini-game appears in which you can multiply your winnings.

i-Slots are interactive slots that even allow you to play mini-golf in the bonus rounds, and there is a component in them that is not only random as with the rest of the slots, but the skill is necessary, so your chances of winning are somewhat greater.

3D Slots

3D slots are all those online slots that have three-dimensional graphics and elements in the game.

The design of this type of online slots is very varied. It is inspired by cinema, popular culture, video games…

If you look at it, most slots are a mixture of several of these types of slots. This means that it’s very common to find 3D video slots with multiple paylines and mini-games, for example.

Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual Reality is no longer the future, it is the present in all kinds of games and virtual experiences.

All this is thanks to a technology that operates with special helmets such as Oculus Rift, Razer OSVR, Sony Playstation VR, Samsung VR among others.

These cases are soundproofed and isolated and are equipped with multiple LED screens and a sound system. The idea is for the user to be completely immersed in a virtual reality that simulates, increasingly better, real life.

All this, applied to the casino, can make online casino players enjoy a more realistic experience, like that of real casinos.

VR for the gambling world is still quite green, but it is a fairly safe bet in the short term: analysts predict that with the help of Virtual Reality technology the online casino market will reach 520 million dollars in winnings by 2021.

Technavio, a company specialising in analysis and reporting in emerging sectors, has launched a study on Virtual Reality in the Casino industry for 2018-2020 in September 2018, predicting that the VR-based gaming market will grow by 55% by 2022.

A representative of the same company commented as follows:

“Casinos are embracing VR technology, in which players can compete with others for cash prizes in intense VR tournaments. An example of this is the introduction of the “Virtual Zone”, by Boyd Gaming, in partnership with HTC and IGT”.

What are the Best Slots?

Choosing the best slots will depend a lot on your personal tastes and what you prioritise when deciding which slots you prefer, whether the playability, bonus amount or odds of winning.

Believe it or not, not all casino players, let alone slot players, play to win. Many players do it because they find it fun, just like that.